Creating A Case Study: Where To Start, Tips For Writing And How To Perfect

Whenever writing an academic case study assignment, there are a few areas you need to consider. This brief guide should help you. Your instructor should have provided you with an assignment brief, which contains detailed information on what is expected of you as a student and what you have to cover in this study. You have to follow it closely. There are, of course, numerous types of case studies, but in this post, we are going to talk about general specifics of writing this type of paper and will give you some great tips that will help you succeed!


How to start your paper? An intro is ought to be a short section, whose purpose is to outline for the reader what the focus of your study is. You might be covering a historical event, a prominent person or even an organization, a country or a phenomenon. You will then proceed to justify why you decided to choose that particular subject. After which, you will set the scene and the context of the matter. It is here that you should also share the structure of your assignment and tell the reader what exactly you will be discussing about your subject of analysis.

Aims And Goals Of The Case Study

In this part of your paper, you need to make it clear to the reader what your aims in the particular project are. It is an important section. As an idea, you might want to include a series of goals on the way to accomplishing your overall aim. Identify any problems you anticipate to encounter and state how you plan to overcome them.


You may wish to set the scene with some background information that is relevant to the subject.
For instance, in a case study based on an individual, you may wish to bring up some relevant facts from his biography. What inspired him, what drove him, which people might have influenced his decision making or what he produced? What facts do we have about his childhood, family, and social status?
If your study is on a corporation, you will have to examine its past performance, management, and future prospects. How and when was it founded and by whom? Where are its founders now and what role did they play in the company’s history?

External Sources

Although the case is specific to your assignment, you will still have to do plenty of research before you start writing anything up. Make clear, comprehensible notes, that would allow you to make good use of them when you come to writing up your case study. Besides, you need to evidence your understanding of the case throughout. Your credibility needs to be established for your reader to believe your opinion.
It is probable that you will dedicate a separate section to discussing the relevant sources and their theories in the form a literature survey. How long is it? It might not be long depending on the word count that you have been set by your instructor, but nevertheless, you will have to base your argument on some authorities’ thoughts on the topic. You will not necessarily agree with all your sources and you might even criticize some views of your primary reference. This is what the case study has been set for. Paraphrasing somebody else’s opinion is not what your teacher is looking for, which is why you should not be tempted into doing just that. A case study is a deep study of your chosen subject that requires you to impartially explore it from different perspectives.


This is the part where your deep analysis of the case is required. You should be asking yourself how your case relates to your supporting literature – is it in line with it or is there some contradictory evidence to suggest? What might be the reasons for this?
Try to objectively determine whether you have met the aims you set out initially in the first part of your case study. If so, then by what means and to what extent? If not, then what might be the reasons for that?
You need to make your own judgements based on the evidence you have used and explain in what way they have helped you to form your argument, and it is important to support it with citations.


Your conclusion is an integral part of any assignment. Use it to bind together the key points you have made, clarifying how they are used to address your assignment brief. The conclusion should reaffirm your line of argument and tilt the reader to your side. You are almost trying to convince somebody who has a differing viewpoint.
End your work with a punchy point that would leave your reader unconfused as to what your overall conclusion is and why it is important and has a right to exist.


The final part of your paper should include some achievable actions. They have to be specific and measurable. For instance, if you are investigating Enron corporation, it would not be enough to just say “prevent such situations in the future”. You need to state that “Government should pass new legislation that would require public companies to undergo more scrupulous audits at regular intervals”. What if you can’t handle it? If you need some extra assistance, do not forget to address a reliable case study writing service, which can give you a helping hand and guaranty success.
You can also mention some steps that you believe ought to be taken to achieve certain goals that relate to your discussed matter. For example, how would you solve a certain problem that came up in your topic? If your matter was Second World War, what could have been done by European leaders to prevent the rise of Hitler? Were they genuinely oblivious to the processes going in for a decade just across the border?
Try to provide your own thoughts instead of just using somebody else’s even if you feel they might be more qualified in the topic. Think of this task as an adventure where you are traveling to reach your goal.
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