Different Types Of Research Paper

What Is A Research Paper?

When any student does a research, they should present the description of it in an academic paper. Such a task requires critical thinking, analysis of the findings, skills of reading and writing, and usually good grammar is also needed. The objective is to present the meaning of your activity and its findings for the science and make assumptions how it can help other scientists.
There are many types of academic papers that have different styles and requirements. Each of them has its individual approach and you should know it before writing; if you don’t know the preferred requirements for your document, you should ask your instructor for them.
You are able to describe the objectives of your research, equipment, and tools, used methodologies. You don’t only present your findings but explain how they are connected with your thesis statement and what they mean. Use your evidence you have found during your experiments to prove the ideas that you present in the introduction at the beginning of your document.
You should also tell your readers what literature you have read for it and what sources will be useful for them to understand the ideas from your document. Create proper citations and quotations to refer to your sources.
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Main Types Of Research Paper

Argumentative Papers

Such types of research articles are usually connected with discussing ideas publically. In your essay, you present different arguments to prove your position and your evidence and findings help you to present the correctness of your point of view.
When working with these types of papers, students should develop their skills or persuasive writing. They should use the results of their studies to prove that their opinion on the topic is more correct than other points of view.


These assignments let you use your skills of analysis and deduction. Having the piece of information, you can find connections between things and make assumptions that explain the things that were not explained earlier.
When you have a small fact about your topic, you can get a lot of information from it if you do it well. Except doing a research and gathering data about it, you should also look at its results and tell readers what they mean.


There are many terms that people don’t understand, especially in science. It is much easier to work with difficult terms if they are properly defined. You can create a definition paper where you explain any word or phrase
Your definition should be original but it should also be supported by evidence. You shouldn’t only write your own thoughts but also provide facts and references to sources that support your ideas.

Compare And Contrast

These papers teach you how to compare different persons or objects. When you are given two or more items to compare, you should find the most significant similarities and differences between them.
If you are going to pay for research papers, you should know the requirements. You have to ask your instructor who or what should be the elements of the comparison and how to group the results.

Cause And Effect

Understanding the causes and effects let us explore the laws of science and predict things. That is why many students spend much time on researching connections between causes and their effects.
Each cause can have many effects, and each event can have many causes. That is why such an academic assignment can be more difficult than many think but also more significant for your field of science.


In reports, you can present different information about your research. There you will provide the details on your activity, used methodologies, and results that you get by doing it. There are different templates and types of reports.
If you are assigned to write a report, gather as much data as you are able to. You should also know what template to use, how to present your results in the most understandable format, what sections should your report contain.


They are used to show your skills of criticizing. You need to interpret a specific piece of writing created by another person, and describe your reaction to it and examine how effectively its authors present his ideas.
You need to have a background for criticizing other works. If you are not familiar with classic literature or the most notable examples of modern writing, it will be difficult to write an effective review of a book.


There are many types of academic writing with their special requirements. Each of them has its objectives and format, include different sections, for example, reports are used to present the research data and interpretive papers are needed to show your reaction to a book – thus, the process changes depending on the work type.
To understand differences between each type of research papers, you should read about all of them. It lets you write in a necessary style and present your thoughts in an appropriate way of writing.
To find more information about how to write research papers, read research paper writing guide with descriptions. It is helpful for college and university students who are still not very experienced in writing.

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