Helpful Tips For Dissertation Writing

The Most Important Things You Need To Take Care Of Before The Dissertation Deadline

When you defend your PhD thesis, you stop being a student and become an independent scientist with a degree. But the road to this milestone is not short and easy.
If you are going to write a dissertation soon, don’t panic – here we prepared the most useful tips for dissertation that will help you to write your paper well, learn how to write dissertation outline, and get an idea of where to start!

25 Dissertation Writing Tips That Can Help You Write A Good Paper

  • Do not delay your project.
    This is the main rule. It is even harder to start writing when you delay it longer and longer – thus, be honest with yourself and plan your time wisely when you prepare a dissertation.
  • Avoid distractions.
    Try to keep your mind only on your work and don’t let other things disturb you – staying focused is important when you are working on such a serious and big problem.
  • Keep in mind that it is just a first draft.
    Rewriting is a usual thing when you work on your paper, so don’t forget that your current writing is just a draft and you will have a possibility to adjust and polish it later.
  • Give yourself a break.
    It is very important to have a pause during your work – this way we do not only rest but also may catch new ideas and thoughts about a dissertation simply because you change a focus.
  • Organize the deadlines.
    You can set the deadlines for each part of your project and, thus, you will see that you have more time than you thought earlier.
  • Make a reading list.
    If you were not given one, make your own reading list that would consist of the main literature and other sources related to your topic – believe, this will make your research much simpler.
  • Discuss your ideas.
    Share your thoughts about a dissertation with others – they can help you to understand if you have some problems or make mistakes or they can share their ideas with you and give some dissertation proposal tips.
  • Write notes.
    Even during a walk, you can find something new and useful, so have a notepad with you or have a handy app on your smartphone where it is possible to write notes or make voice recordings.
  • Set a correct time for your thesis.
    A thesis and a methodology will take some time and this is something you need to keep it in mind when planning the deadlines.
  • Do not stop if you get stuck!
    There could be sections that are harder for you than the most others – thus, if you feel you get stuck anywhere, have a pause and work on another part.
  • Fight till the end.
    During the work, there could be a feeling of hopelessness of all your efforts but you should not believe in this – your dissertation is something that you can go through.
  • Keep in mind the guidelines.
    Your dissertation is an important step in your academic career and you have to follow all the requirements and guidelines – keep in mind the right dissertation structure and note the requirements of your university.
  • Make smart notes.
    To avoid plagiarism and other mistakes, make notes that will help you in preparing your references and citations.
  • Keep in mind the main task.
    In a dissertation writing, discipline is sometimes much more important than an intellect, which is why you have to concentrate only on your work until your dissertation is over.
  • Be careful with your health!
    Keep in mind that your physical and mental state are the important components of your success, so, sleep and eat well, and do some exercises to have a strong body, mind, and soul.
  • Read consciously.
    Look for the information in books only when you need to – organize your schedule wisely so that you would know when the time for reading has come.
  • Select the time for research and writing.
    Try to figure out how many hours you need for creating an ideal text and establish fixed hours for writing in your plan.
  • Make writing a part of your routine.
    Write all the time you have something to say because your ideas can “fly away” if you don’t catch them and, even if you won’t use some of these notes this time, they will come in handy later.
  • Be in contact with your advisor.
    If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your advisor – he or she has to always find enough time for you to answer your questions; plus, you can always find some help, using an online dissertation writing service.
  • Prepare for some changes.
    We all make mistakes, and there is nothing unusual in it but you have to be ready to proofread and edit your work, even if the corrections take much time.
  • Keep your killer argument at the beginning.
    Your readers have to understand the main point of your work right from its beginning and that is why you should place your arguments evenly throughout the text starting with the strongest ones.
  • Don’t be too deferential.
    You may not agree with other authors, which is usually a big advantage (if you have arguments that support your ideas) – it is a good thing to have a strong opinion about anything you write and give objective critics to things you don’t agree with.
  • Have fun!
    Of course, writing a dissertation is not an exciting process because it takes much time and energy but if you look at it from the different perspective the whole process should be more enjoyable and less stressful. Just think that dissertation helps you to gain new knowledge and show what you already have, do not approach it as a torture or something you don’t like.
  • Don’t panic!
    Even if you feel that everything is bad it’s just a panic, which eventually slows down the process and lowers your chances for success – instead just relax, take a break, and convince yourself that you can do it.
  • Have a to-do list and make notes there each time you finish a particular task!
    This is a great way to stay motivated because without a to-do list you can’t really see how much you have already done, and thus, you start losing motivation – instead, make notes and be proud of each accomplished task!


All these thesis writing tips are effective. Hopefully, they will help you to cope with this big project easily and quickly but keep in mind that even if you can’t handle this challenge, there is always a solution! You can get help writing a dissertation from a specialized service or ask your professor for a dissertation advice, and we are confident that you will succeed!

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