How to Write an Essay?

If you’re going to make a successful academic career, you should learn how to write a good essay. It will help you to get better results in class learning, on different essay contests, etc. It may take a long time but after days and weeks of efforts, you’ll be able to write persuasive and expository academic papers.

After you’ve got a topic of an essay, you need to research it. There are a lot of free websites, knowledge bases, and online resources. You can also find useful information in Media sources and the library of your college.

But your teacher may not accept all kinds of sources, so you should find out which of them are acceptable for him or her. Does your teacher require a certain number of sources? Does he or she allow using Wikipedia? Then you should make a list of sources and use appropriate format of citations in your essay.

If you’re going to write good essays, you should read works of other respected authors. You can find high-quality academic papers on the Internet, in libraries, etc. While reading those academic papers, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • What claims and ideas the writer makes?
  • Why does the thesis statements sound good and grab attention?
  • What evidence is presented by the author?
  • What are the sources of used evidence?

Remember that an essay is not a compilation of information from other sources, it also show your own ideas and research results. So you should make a list of ideas which you’re going to use in your essay.

Now you’re ready to develop your thesis statement. Choose 1-3 strongest ideas from your list. Make sure they support your topic and you can prove relevancy of such ideas.

The Introduction and the Thesis statement may serve as the beginning of your essay, but you also have to write all other sections. So you need to make a plan and then write the main body of an essay.

You should know which number of pages your teacher requires. It may be only a few paragraphs for a section, but sometimes you need to write a much bigger essay. So always ask about requirements.

The title and the introduction of your essay should be compelling. It’s better when people really want to read or listen to your essay. Avoid obvious expressions which don’t tell much information to your readers and don’t help you to make a paper more interesting.

The size of the Thesis statement and the Introduction depends on the full size of your essay. If you need to write a short academic paper, 3-5 sentences will be enough. If your essay is supposed to be long, the introduction and the thesis statement may be extended to the size of one page.

White an appropriate conclusion. It’s not only a summary of your work, it may also ask and answer the following questions:

  • What are the next steps in a research?
  • What questions are not fully answered and should be studied more?
  • How your essay proves your thesis statement and supports it?

This part must be closely connected with other parts of an essay. You can also show how all the paragraphs help you to prove ideas described in the Thesis statement.

After writing, you have to revise your work. It’s better to wait a few days and read an essay again. You can find many errors that you didn’t notice before. You can also find new ideas and put them into your essay. You have to correct all found mistakes, including grammatical and logical, punctuation and spelling errors.

If you consider any words as repetitive, remove those words. Use thesaurus to find synonyms and vary your language. If you don’t know meanings of specific words, check them in a dictionary. It will help you to use those words appropriately.

Contractions and abbreviations are not commonly used in academic papers. So you should not use them in your essay. You should also remove information which is not connected with your topic and subject.

Revise the connection between parts of your work. All the next paragraphs must be logically connected with the previous paragraphs.

After revision, read you essay to other people. They can give you advice, tell how to make your essay better and what parts should be rewritten. If nothing helps, you may use essay writing service to proofread your paper or write it from its title or sketch.

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