How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

Even if the main body of your essay is written perfectly, you should spend enough time on developing a good introductory paragraph. The first impression on readers and listeners depends on a quality of this part. The good introduction helps you to involve people and make them read the other paragraphs.

The first sentence of the introductory paragraph must grab the attention of your readers and listeners. It shows not only what your essay is about, but also why it is interesting.

There are several ways to make your first sentence like a hook for grabbing the attention of readers. For example, funny anecdotes, quotes of famous people, scientific facts. But it works only if the sentence is connected with your subject, otherwise, your readers will be disappointed.

If you provide interesting facts, make sure they are true. It’s not a good approach to start from a fake fact, especially if you think this fact is true.

The next few sentences provide details about your topic and subject. There also should be a place for the thesis statement. This part contains your main ideas and claims which have to be proven by your essay. Thesis statements must be clear and not much extended.

Don’t forget to revise your introductory paragraph after writing all other paragraphs. There are people who often write the introduction only when all other parts are ready.

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