How to Do a Research for Writing a Successful Essay?

Researching is one of the biggest issues young people face. Why? When the students need to write an essay, they usually don’t know how to start and how to do a proper research. Many students get help with research to complete essays, while some of them buy research paper online . Sitting in the library without knowing what exactly do you need doesn’t help to write a good essay. In this article, you will learn how to do the research for an essay and write a brilliant paper for your college or university.

Why Proper Research Is Crucial?

The quality of your essay depends on the way you did your research. You won’t be able to write a good and satisfactory essay if you don’t know how a successful research is done. It’s not a secret that essay research process university isn’t easy but if you understand its essential rules you should handle it faster, so let’s try to figure out the most important moments about your research.

The basics: understanding a paper’s main question

Firstly, ask yourself about the objective of your essay in order to get an understanding of what kind of research you need to do. It can be a presentation of your personal view on something, comparing different arguments, or finding a solution to a problem. Look for unknown words in a dictionary if you don’t know some of them.
Work on the main question – think about your arguments and write down your first ideas in a notepad. Then, build a structure for your paper: introduction, three arguments, and conclusion.

Find evidence

All of your arguments have to be supported by the evidence and to find it, you’ll need to read books on your theme to choose the right information.
If you have a reading list, select from it the books that you really need – note that when you are researching sources you don’t have to read these books fully in order to get the information you are looking for! Try to find the chapters that are related to your main topic to save your time. Plus, do not repeat the same words or the information from the same sources too much – it can make your paper boring and unoriginal.

Always take notes!

It could be quotations from the books and your own thoughts. The more you do, the better and versatile your essay will be but select only the information you really need, don’t write down any excess notes or the information that isn’t relevant to your academic paper. You should pick up only the notes you will use.
Don’t forget to make special notes on where you got the information from and whose words do you use. You always need to acknowledge the sources where your information was found to avoid plagiarism.
Be attentive when researching an essay – maybe, you will find some new arguments that could complete your paper.

Look for the information everywhere.

You can ask a librarian for some help if you have troubles while working with computer databases. Also, speak to your friends and other students and ask their opinion about the main question of your essay as this way, you can find some new arguments and information on your subject.
While working in a library, don’t forget to use the index of each book to find proper material.

Be careful with the material from the web.

The sources like Wikipedia are good but keep in mind that anybody can edit the articles there. Therefore, they often are not too reliable. Be very careful when you use the Internet for your research – it’s not academically rigorous enough. Anyway, any material from the Internet is often dubious for an academic study but there are also good sources for research like Google Scholar, for example.
Prepare your references during the work, not at the end of it!
The references you include in your paper should be written down during your work because it will take much time to find all sources you used after you have written your paper. It is a good habit to write down your reference just when you find a proper information.

Use Your Research To Write An Essay!

After the process of your search for an essay is over, start writing – this is a stage when all your notes and obtained information should come in handy as you prepare an outstanding paper. Thus, do not underestimate the importance of using your organized notes during the writing process.

  • Write an introduction to your essay. Here give your readers the background information on your topic and present the hypothesis, it is quite similar to the introduction you make while writing a thesis. Your readers have to be able to understand the main problem you have studied in this part of your essay on research. Also, share your personal point of view here.
  • Then write the main body of the text – it is the longest part of it. Here you provide your arguments and support them with the information you have found in books and other sources, add quotations, examples from the literature, history, your own experience, etc.
  • Write a conclusion. Here you repeat your argument using other words and more abstractly. The conclusion has to be related to the introduction logically and, in the end, don’t forget to add the references.
  • Be objective in your essay. Your personal opinion is important but you shouldn’t concentrate on the one side of your argument too much.
  • Do not use too many quotations. You can give information from a book in your own words instead of quoting but do not forget to indicate your sources in references. After you have written an essay, make a proofreading of it and correct your mistakes.

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