Useful Tips On Writing A Dissertation Proposal

This post is useful for all Doctorate candidates, whose thoughts are busy with only one thing that matters now – their dissertation and its defence, which will define their scientific career and success in the future. The dissertation proposal is the first step to towards writing your dissertation. If you do it right, it shows that you are ready for writing a dissertation and your professor will approve it but you need to understand that creating it can be difficult for those who have never worked on such papers before.

How to handle it? There are many sources that can help you with this. You can numerous useful find tips on the Internet, read examples of such papers, ask your teacher for an advice if needed, and you can also use technologies to keep and organize all the information that you are going to use in your proposal.

Dissertation Proposal Outline

Where to start? The completion of any writing task should start with an outline. Note that there are many different styles and formats of outline and you should use what is the most appropriate for you, it depends on the university where you are studying, the course, the size and topic of the dissertation, etc. If you already have an idea of what your dissertation proposal is about and what sections you want to have, you should already have a specific structure in mind or, if not, you should follow the tips mentioned below.

  1. Introduction: this is the opening clause that starts with a background and a statement of the problem, goals of the study, definitions of terms, questions to be answered, and other things that readers should understand before reading the whole text. You can also write about the significance of your study for the science or put assumptions and limitations to the introduction of your dissertation proposal if it is necessary.
  2. Review of the literature: here you can provide the search description and conceptual or theoretical framework; you can also put the review of research there but you need to organize it in a proper way.
  3. Methodology: this section can include different items depending on your requirements. It usually contains information regarding the research design, questions, and hypothesis, and you can describe what methods you use in your research, how do you collect and analyze data, what the setting for a research is, and who else participates in it.
  4. Research Findings: describe what you found in the result of an investigation and how it can be significant, note that all your findings should be organized in accordance with the introduction and other sections. Then you have to discuss your findings and make suggestions for future research; however, in some cases, the summarizing information has to be provided in a separate section – conclusion.

What else to keep in mind? You should be aware of the fact that this paper does not only collect information on your study but also shows its significance and that is why you should pay attention to proving that your project has a big role in science (or society) and there are ideas for further research.

If you need to see samples of dissertation proposal structure, you may read examples of such academic papers – there are lots of those on the Internet, you just need to choose those that are related to your subject.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Help

What if you feel stuck? This is a big paper and the writing process can be very difficult for students who do not have such an experience yet. That is why many of them need a help in dissertation writing. There are several ways to get the help if you are stuck and do not understand how to work on your dissertation proposal:

  • Ask your friends and students to help you. Many of them had similar issues and can give you a few tips for simplifying the process but they will not be too helpful if they are not familiar with your topic or can’t to cope with this task themselves.
  • Firstly, there are advisors and tutors at your university who can help you. They have much more experience in this matter. Thus, they know how to develop a good outline, organize your data, fill sections with the content, cite sources, and make a presentation for it if needed. However, you should not bother them every time you need some help but rather go to them only when you did not find the information you need in other sources.
  • Examples from the Internet can also help you. It is a good way to gain some experience from other students who also worked on dissertation proposals with similar topics.
  • Finally, there are also essay writing services. Such services work with different types of papers and can create a great proposal for you within the required time and ensure that the ordered work is free of plagiarism.

Example Of Dissertation Proposal

Why look for samples? It is the best way to understand what it is and how it should look! If you look for them on the Internet, you should find many papers on the topics similar your – look how they are organized, what is their structure, and you may find some valid data to use in your project.

However, do not copy works of other students! Plagiarism is not allowed, which means that the examples that you will find are not purposed for copying but for an understanding of how to write your dissertation proposal. Keep it in mind when downloading such documents from the Internet.

If you mention any books or other sources, put their names to the bibliography. The style of references at your university may differ from the style used in other examples, which is why you have to check your requirements before writing your text.

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