How To Write a Good Thesis Statement For Research Paper

A catchy introduction is a recipe for success for any book, article, poem or other text, which can be easily explained by one simple thing – a reader either gains or loses interest in something within the first several seconds, which means that it is a must to engage them right away! The same works with academic written tasks. Especially big and serious projects like dissertation or research. In this case, a thesis is the most important thing that can bring you to the top or declare your failure of the task. This sentence is a key to all other content of your paper! It means you need to spend more time to develop a good one that meets all requirements.

There are many articles and guides to it that you should read before writing. Here you can also find a lot of useful information that would be helpful when writing a top-notch introduction and other elements of your work.

Thesis Statement For Research Paper

The thesis statement shows your readers what is your research paper about and what is your position. It should be both informative and persuasive. Why? Only an informative statement just gives the necessary information to the readers, while a persuasive statement tries to show your opinion and convince others of its correctness.

It is not easy to understand the main points of a research paper by its title and topic. However, many people would not read dozens of pages only to understand what they can find there and that is why a thesis statement is needed, as it helps readers to decide if they need to read it or not.

Specialists do not recommend using questions. They also do not recommend using lists, combative and confrontational sentences.

General Rules On Thesis Writing

If you have an idea for a thesis statement but you think it is not the best option, note it down because you can edit it later. You can revise this sentence many times until you are sure that it describes your paper and shows your opinion as it needs.

You need to have arguments to support your thesis statement. If it is a question, it can’t be answered with a simple Yes or No but needs a more detailed explanation and therefore, you have to use different methods in your research paper to prove that your position is right.

Outline your thesis for other readers to see that it is a key part of the introduction. It should not be complicated and readers should understand it correctly. You can ask other people to read your first versions of a thesis statement to find out if they get it right.

The length of it is usually 1-2 sentences. It has to be concise, clear, and understandable. The length and some minor guides may differ depending on your discipline, topic, details of your research paper, as well as your teacher’s or your personal wishes. You can use a simpler or, on the contrary, a more complex structure for your statement – everything depends on your desire and abilities.

Make sure that your idea is debatable and you can prove that it is right. Readers should also understand your position as it lets them decide if the student’s work is worth reading and what it can give them for their research.

As a rule, this part of the text is the first thing that students should write. However, it does not mean that it will not change in the course of your research. It is a must to revise your whole intro when all other sections are completed and adjust it (if necessary) to the goals and topic of your project, which should not be difficult because the more you understand the meaning of a whole research paper, the more attentively you can develop a good statement.

Good Thesis Statement Example

Why do you need an example? It is always good for school and university students to read examples of different papers to get a clear idea of how to write it, what structure to follow, and how to create sentences that are convincing enough. Reading other people’s works also helps to understand how to tie an introduction to all other sections and let readers know what your research paper is about and how it can be useful for them.

Where to look for examples? As a rule, you should find plenty of them on the Web. And here are a few good ones:

“Our School Uses Technology too Much” – this example shows readers that your research paper is based on using technologies in schools and you can prove that technologies are used more than needed;

“Teachers Should Teach Children the Cyber Security More” – it shows that you did a research on teaching the cyber security in schools and the results show that teachers should work on its improvement.

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