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]It’s not news to any scholar that plagiarism is not only frowned upon but appears to be one of the reasons for expulsion. Ordering an essay from an incompetent academic service subjects you, as a buyer, to a myriad of unpleasant surprises, one of which will almost certainly be plagiarism. Writer may produce an unoriginal piece of work due to his or her unawareness and negligence of academic standards, and lack of vocabulary, making him incapable of generating a truly original thought. Some writers have no problem writing their ideas down in a coherent manner, but are stuck with properly referencing the sources they’ve used, and thus, inevitably ending up with, at least, partially, plagiarized paper.

So is there a cure to plagiarism? Yes, and it is Paperell team!

Handle plagiarism like a pro with us!

We couldn’t have built our company if we employed writers, who have problems with creating original essays. Nipping a problem of plagiarism in the bud is what we did simply (or not due to abundance of mediocre writers, and academic services) by hiring experts that have no problem researching every subject they’re writing about to the fullest degree, in order to produce a paper, term paper, or a dissertation that is 100% original. It doesn’t mean that now, we’re sitting with our hands in pockets, feeling so overly confident that we don’t bother processing papers written by our staff for plagiarism. It’s quite the opposite.

We’ve developed a clocklike system according to which every single excerpt, review and paper is checked for plagiarism. We can’t use Turnitin for obvious reasons, but our plagiarism software is the next best thing. If a paper submitted by a writer has any sign of copy-pasted or questionable content, the writer cannot finish the uploading process. But our thorough examination doesn’t stop there. After the submission of the paper that was identified by the plagiarism checker as acceptable, it is manually double-checked by our editors who run a paper through a second plagiarism software, and then read it through, to spot any mistakes, or any possibly “stolen” ideas, or incorrectly formatted quotes.

Suspect your paper to be unoriginal? Let us know!

We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented, and extra careful, but we are not omnipotent. So if you do have a suspicion or evidence that the paper we’ve delivered to you is plagiarized, don’t hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email or send us an owl. Measures will be taken, and we guarantee you that you will leave happy, and with a 100% unique piece of work

Confidentiality is our second name!

It’s more than natural to worry about teachers at your school finding out that you’ve turned to a service like ours for help. We assure you we have no interest in sharing your information with anyone, even your writer.

In order to register on our website, we ask you to create a username that is not your real name. We value your privacy, we respect your right to use our website with no earth-shattering repercussions to your image, because your reputation is our reputation. Why would we bite the hand that feeds us?

Payment information remains confidential, and no one, we promise you, no one can find out that Paperell is your second best friend now, unless YOU decide to tell someone.

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